Ball Joint Doll Art by Marcia Taylor

Ball Joint Dolls

Ball Joint Doll art is my passion, and is my way of sharing my love of these unique dolls with everyone interested in the art of doing face-ups, creating doll clothes, and doll photography.

Ball Joint dolls are not toys. They are objects of Art.

Typically from Asia, they are made with quality resins and are fully articulated which means they have a wide range of movement making it possible to pose in many ways.

What makes these dolls very appealing is the ability to customize them by choosing makeup style and hair and eye color. One doll mold can look like several different dolls. Parts and heads are interchangeable as well on many of the ball joint dolls available on the market today.

I choose to buy most of my dolls without face ups. This way, they come blank and I paint them myself with artist acrylics and chalks. I also make their clothes and most often, the wigs as well.

I hope you enjoy my photos ~ Comments are welcome and I am always adding new photos and new dolls so please stop by often to see what's new.

Lastly, a big thank you to for showcasing my work.